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New Buzz Title - Professional Mommy Blogger


New Buzz Title - Professional Mommy Blogger

After Blogher '09 I've begun to see some bloggers use the title of "Professional Mommy Blogger." I thought to myself, what makes you a professional? Not only that but isn't every Mom blogger now going to title herself as professional? What separates the professionals from the bloggers? I had to do a little research first and what better place to go than Google right?

I Google the term "Professional Mommy Blogger" and this is the result. Oh sure I know of The Domestic Diva and A Cowboy's Wife. I'm not a newbie, I've been around for a couple of years. These ladies have probably been blogging longer and have been to lots of events and are very active in the field of blogging. They both have great blogs and keep up with the latest technology. I can see that.

There are 7 steps listed to become a "Professional Mommy Blogger" according to this post here. I think most mom bloggers meet this criteria.

Then I notice this post from Clarissa author of The Diary of a Poshpreneur. She doesn't want to be referred to as a "Mommy Blogger." Then I think to myself, "maybe that's it, maybe you don't want that negativity attached to what you do as a blogger." Maybe this is where the word "professional" has a more positive connotation.

Now the word "professional" leads me to look up the definition which you can easily find here at Wikipedia. There isn't a degree for blogging. Maybe there will be some day and it could be attached to the field of marketing or business, maybe both. Can you see the curriculum now?

How to start your own blog 101
Internet Traffic 102
Blogger vs Niche Blogger 203
SEO of Blogging 302
HMTL for Bloggers 303
Photoshop for Bloggers 401
How to turn your blog into a money maker 402
How to pitch your blog to businesses 403

Am I getting warm here? What do you think about this new buzz title?

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