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The Blind Side & New Moon - Movie Reviews


The Blind Side & New Moon - Movie Reviews

Can I get a Whoot! Since it was my semi-annual "Girls Day Out" I got to see not one but two movies. How awesome is that? I haven't done that since I was in junior high. First up! The Blind Side -

If you haven't seen this movie yet get yourself to a theater! It is worth the trip. I LOVED it. Sandra Bullock was FANTASTIC, honestly this has been her best role to date. If I didn't know better I would have thought the character she played was a native Texan. We love Leigh Anne Tuohy. The entire cast was phenomenal and Jae Head who plays SJ stole many scenes. I love this movie so much that it may very well become part of my small dvd collection. I love the story, I love the happy ending and well that's just great entertainment. I'm so glad that I got to see this film.

Next up - New Moon
Sorry their site isn't as cool as The Blind Side, they won't let me share videos with you. You can always click on the link though. Maybe you are like me and you haven't bothered to see Twilight but you figure you can catch up with New Moon. Karen was with me and it was her second time to see it so she filled me in. Honestly, HD is not kind to actors who are suppose to be vampires. Personally I was thrown by all the silly contacts and pasty make up. Poor Pattinson and that dreaded lipstick. GAK! It was really hard to buy that he was supposed to be a high school student. But I do have to say that I bought the love struck chemistry between Edward and Bella. That went over pretty well but insert Jacob played by Taylor Lautner and that was hard to digest. Now, I'm feeling my age! Now, I'm baffled. He transforms and enters the wolf pack and kudos Lautner for all your hard work at the gym. I can appreciate his hard work but seriously felt like I was crossing that line of pervert or cougarville inappropriateness. Come on! I'm old enough to be this kids mother! older sister. He's 17 for crying out loud. My brain just had a hard time wrapping itself around any scene he was in. However, I have to say the wolf pack scenes were awesome! WOW computer graphics and special effects have come a long way. The fight scene among the vampires was pretty sweet too. Am I too old for this flick? Am I too old for the saga? Maybe so. I know the other women in the theater didn't have a problem swooning! rofl.... Crazy COUGARS!

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