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Nice Boobs!


Nice Boobs!

Cleavage, when is it appropriate? Apparently there needs to be some much needed training on this subject or I'm just turning into a prude. The last few weeks I've encountered some serious cleavage every where I go! To me there is a time and a place.

For example, the beach is a fine place because it's swimwear. People expect to see it. Hooters, is another place you expect to see it or in other establishments involving free buffets and dollar bills. It's understood, right?

Victoria's Secret is making a fine profit on their under garment attire. They even design gear to help you lift and separate. I get it. Back to the cleavage, it's appropriate during a date night with your significant other or even a night club.

However, when I'm just out shopping as a customer in a clothing store (non Victoria's Secret) I don't expect to see the cashiers boobs. Those buttons on that shirt are optional but really young lady you should use them! Now don't get me wrong I'm not a boob hater, I have them myself. I'm not opposed to enhancing yourself if you have the time, money and need for it. Go ahead! But seriously, you can still look hot without everyone seeing your boobs. So the next time I see your boobs hanging out instead of keeping thoughts to myself, I'm just going to share them and tell you, "NICE BOOBS!" I figure you must be fishing for the compliment so why not give it? Why not show some appreciation?

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