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It Started with Tim Conway


It Started with Tim Conway

I'm sort of in this pickle. It's me versus the need to wear this silly boot to keep my leg stabilized so it can heal properly while still trying to function. I would like to just stay off of it and forget the silly boot and keep R.I.C.E. My Dr. told me that I needed to stop trying to walk the way I was and to take smaller steps so I could walk properly. The image brought me back to memories of Tim Conway. This is the perfect skit to illustrate what I look like trying to get around right now. lol - Oh it just cracks me up!

I'm in slow motion right now. I know there is a good reason for this and I'm really trying to find the silver lining but it's hard. I miss my friends, working out, losing pounds, being able to function, walk without pain, the sun, the track and all the progress I was making.

I'm limited to three places in my house: upstairs in front of the tv with my leg propped up (bored with tv), on the couch downstairs with my leg propped up (kid magnet) and on my exercise balls in front of my computer with my leg propped up. I've been on the computer most of the day getting sucked into updated my resume and information on LinkedIn. I'm guessing this is progress of some sort. I'm just trying to remain open to possibilities of what is to come.

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