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#Shred Challenge with @JillainMichaels


#Shred Challenge with @JillainMichaels

OK @JillianMichaels let's dance! @MiddleAgedJock and @Elenka29 are working the 30 Day Shred with the #shred hash tag on Twitter. I'm a little late for the challenge but I'm totally up for it. It's nearly the end of the year and I want to kick it in high gear as much as possible since I'm still not running, doing #TaeBo or #Crossfit YET.
In the mean time I would love to lose 20 pounds in 30 days. I'll post my progress here.
**************Starting Over**************
Day 1, 1/11 - Level 2: I was hoping that I wouldn't have to modify but I did. I did crossfit training this afternoon and when I got home I thought I could keep up with Jillian. HAH!!! No. I have to figure out a better schedule to complete this challenge. It's hard to find the energy to keep up. I'll figure it out though. Either way I'm back on the wagon.
Day 2, 1/12 - Level 2: Good Lord they were against me today. They tagged teamed me, my two year old and puppy were not having it! I jump and the dog jumps, of course he got jumped on so he moved away.

But the next time I got on the floor to do ab work he would lay down on top of me! Crazy dog. I still did the work out. When I got to the leg lifts holding the hand weights he decided it was time to go for my ears. Then I would move on to something like thrusters and then the two year old would get under me. Then she would get on my back to ride me like a horse! What the heck? Mom's gotta get her sweat on. I certainly did and I think they added to the work out. Next time the dog is going in the crate! The two year old???? I don't have a crate for her. lol - I'm just going to have to keep working around her.
Day 3, 1/13 - Level 3: I did NOT want to work out with Jillian today. I'm super sore from boot camp yesterday. I already work out at least 5 days a week but I wanted to kick it in high gear to bust through this thick layer I've developed. Any way since I didn't want to work out I decided it was time to kick it up a notch and go to level three. I'm so glad that I did. There is nothing like a good challenge. Then it occurred to me! I've been in boot camp at "The Y" for a year now. In the very beginning we use to do the shred workout. I remembered these moves and I could do them then so I can do them now! Awesome. I'm glad I changed it up because I was really getting bored with Level 2. It's not that it isn't hard because it is but I get bored doing the same thing every single day. I might just bounce around the different levels to keep myself interested for 30 days.
Day 4, 1/14, Level 3: I put the dogs outside! The two year old was a total drill sergeant! Up Mommy! Down Mommy! Get up Mommy! Lay down Mommy! Geez...

It really is a challenge to work out at home! She is laying on top of me and then she sits on me! I mean come on girl and I'm still doing my work out.
Then she jumps in and joins me. I have to get a better schedule for this so I can knock it out undisturbed.
Day 5, 1/15 - Level 1: Feeling lame for dropping to level 1 but I'm super exhausted. It was nearly 9pm and the last thing I wanted to do is this video but it's over. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Day 6, 1/16 - Level 2: I should not have felt lame for doing Level 1. There is so much more cardio in that level. It's getting a little easier each time. I'm super tired and gross with sweat. lol - I swear they are using like 2 pound weights in the video.
Day 7, 1/17 - Level 2: One week down! Only 23 more days to go. This is such a tough challenge. I feel that all 3 levels are tough. I can't seem to stick with one level for more than a couple of days out of boredom. Today I put out a tweet to randomly pick a number between 1-3. @notdiyheather tweeted 2 so I rocked that level today. I had an audience because the kids were home from school. They were cheering me on!
Day 8, 1/18 - Level 1: Good lord I want to just die! lol - ok that's too extreme but that was tough. It's almost 10pm. I DO NOT recommend working out with Jillian at the end of your day. I try not to do that but some days it can't be helped. I had to go without hand weights today because I was in the crossfit gym earlier today. We were doing lots of lifts and kettle bell swings so I couldn't lift my 5 pound hand weights. Just couldn't do it. I did complete the work out though. I forgot to note that yesterday my 4yo told me that I should take off my shirt while I was working out so I wouldn't sweat so much! ROFL....
Day 9, 1/19 - Level 2: @ has picked my level today. I'm so bored with this dvd already. I have no idea how I'm going to spend another 21 days here. A challenge is a challenge. Ugh! This crazy dog is always messing with me during my work out.
Day 10, 1/20 - Level 3: Totally modified tonight. I hate working out with Jillian at the end of the day but I'm having another one of those days. *sigh* I made it through. I'm thinking about kicking up the hand weights to 8 pounds on this level because it feels to easy. Now on Level 2 she does that chair sit with a V lift and those are just awful. I'm so weak on those. Either way it's over! I'm so hungry right now. It's dinner time for me.
Day 11, 1/21 - Level 3: My daughter decided I should do this again. I did but it was mostly modified again but I did it. It was hard with her riding on my back and getting underneath me while I'm trying to do mountain climbers. I do find it is soooooooooooooooooo much better to get it out of the way in the morning! 
Day 12, 1/22 - Level 1: I was going for more cardio today. I did the elliptical at the Y so I was trying to burn even more calories! So far so good.
Day 13, 1/23 - Level 3: My boys were going to work out with me and then chickened out at the last minute! What the heck? I moved up to eight pound weights during this work out. It was tougher but doable! I seriously worked up a sweat. I still have a hard time with the traveling push ups but even on my knees I can get really close to the ground. Feeling strong!
Day 14, 1/24 - Level 1: My sons were watching and critiquing. I told them they needed to join me. Then they said, "no we are just cheering you on." My 10 year old did a little bit of it and then he would rest. Come on! It was tough too because it was around 8pm. I do not like working out at night but I did it.
Day 15, 1/25 - Level 1: I'm sticking with level 1 again because I'm so tired already and it's after 8pm again! Arg! Oh well, it's done.
Day 16, 1/26 - Level 2: My dvd player is no longer reading the disc! WT???? I don't know if it's all levels but I cleaned it and retried it 3 times. It's almost 10pm. I guess I'm not suppose to Shred tonight or at least get past the walk out push ups. Arg! I was doing so well too.
Took the day off 1/27. - The dvd is dead. I think if I did this for 14 more days I still wouldn't lose 20 pounds. I think there are some key things that go along with the diet that I'm missing. I've been to her site but I'm at a loss to find the plan. It's all good though. I work out plenty and I have to admit that Jillian did kick my butt but I'm ready to let her move on. lol

12/16 - Day 1, Level 2: Following the girl in red mostly. I can't do the jump twists or the thrusters yet. I did an hour and 15 minutes of cardio before hand and the 100/200/200 work out. You can see my challenges in the right side bar. I was pretty tired once I got to the dvd. I need to work out a better time to do this if I plan to hit this daily for 30 days. After all it is only 20 minutes of my time. Surely, I can sneak it in, right?
12/17 - Day 2, Level 2: Tried this first thing in the morning. Normally my kids would prevent me from working out but today they joined me! Hilarious. I also did this work out without my hand weights. I couldn't find them but I promise I still broke a sweat. I also got on the scale. I'm gaining weight like crazy! 181 to start. Enjoy the video footage.
Day 3, 12/18 Level 2: Tried a 6:30am work out. Not a bad way to start the day. I still can't find my hand weights. I did get those plank jacks down. I have more energy though and the kids are all still asleep. This may be the way to go every morning! If I can manage to get out of bed early. Wish me luck.
Day 4, 12/19 Level 2: Sick, sick, sick! I tried this after eating lunch and taking 10 vitamins. That was such a BAD idea. I feel sick to my stomach. Oh well, I made it through for 20 minutes. Although my dog was zero motivation. She was laying next to me on the floor while I was doing ab work!
Day 5, 12/20: Took the evening off. I couldn't move after boot camp.
Day 6, 12/21: Again took the evening off. I couldn't move after Tae Bo.
Day 7, 12/22 Level 2: No excuses. I found my hand weights. Good lord she nearly killed me. I'm doing a lot less modifying but I had to take a lot of breaks today. I'm super sore from all the work outs. I think those ladies are using 1, 2, or 3 pound weights in that work out. Seriously! Mine are 5 pounds and it's a tough work out. I can tell you this, I always break a sweat with her work out. I have promised myself not to move on to Level 3 until I'm not modifying anything and I don't have to take breaks.

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