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6 Miles....Just 6 Miles


6 Miles....Just 6 Miles

Today is my long run for the 10K training portion of our fun little relay we are running next Sunday. I've got my supplies and I'm ready to go! Compression leg sleeves because my legs have had a history of serious issues. Body Glide to take care of the horrible things that can happen to your skin because you have been doing the same motion for too long. Gu which I have yet to try and Sport Beans by Jelly Belly. I chose cherry and fruit punch flavors and they are both yummy!

My goal was 6 miles but I cut it short to 5 miles. I had so many issues!
Sweat going into my ear buds so I could no longer hear my tunes.
My shoe lace came untied.
I was so stressed out that I was going to be late that I couldn't focus and cut my run short.
I had to do a couple of 20 second walks in between.
Nature called and I had to visit the port-o-potty, EWWWWWWWWWWWW!
After 1:08:39seconds I made it back to my car.

Hoping to get one long run in this week with a better time and not so many stops!

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