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Training Has Begun!


Training Has Begun!

I'm signed up to run this race "relay" style! I'm not ready to run the whole thing by myself. It's all baby steps you know. I'm still trying to master a 5K. This last fun run that I ran was with my group of friends from boot camp. Three of them are running the entire thing, one of them is running the relay with another partner and then there were two of us left.
Ellis who is pictured here on the far left is my relay partner. We were talking about this race and of course it went something like this....
Hey Pam why don't you come with us there is still time.
Me: No I'm not ready to do the whole thing, I would need to do the relay and a partner.
Hey Ellis you want to do it? If you want to partner up then I'll do it.
Ellis: Sure! Let's do it!
Me: What?! Seriously?! rofl....oh wow...what did I get myself into?
We are registered as team SilleMap. It's our first names backward, very clever of my husband to come up with that.
We have 3 weeks to train. That is really NOT a long time at all. Every single day counts! You would think that I would be out running every other day but I'm not. I have to figure out how to train without OVER training. I have to be very careful with my leg. I'm not looking for injuries here.

Sunday: I ran the 5K so that's a little over 3 miles.
Monday: Yoga in the am and Boot camp in the evening.

Tuesday: Crossfit in the am and TaeBo in the evening.
Wednesday: 1st workout with new trainer Theo. He is the originator of the boot camp class at the Y. It was a good work out.
Thursday: Crossfit in the am and TaeBo in the evening.
Friday: Possibly boot camp again. Not sure.
Saturday: Trying HOT yoga in the morning. I'm hoping to get my long run in on this day.
Sunday: Another Theo workout.

Sounds like a lot but I am using ice when necessary! I'm using my giant tub with the jets. I'm taking my vitamins and stretching a lot more than I ever have before and after working out. Also, I'm getting LOTS of reminders to drink water, thanks Keith! I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

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