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Debt Free


Debt Free

Every "Ramsonite" knows Baker Street as the "debt free" theme song. I've heard it about 700+ times since September 14, 2009. Today is the day we are officially free of consumer debt. It's what every follower of the "Baby Steps" dream of! Just getting through Step 2 "The Debt Snowball" can take up to three years. We are finally putting ours to rest after 17 months and 12 days!

We can finally breath and it feels really good. Honestly, there is a part of me that feels like it's a dream. We've been at this for so long and now we are free of it. What's next? We move on to the next step.

We will continue to do our monthly budgets, live on cash and never return to the land of credit cards ever again!
This is our mound of plastic. We really should get together and create some sort of molded monster out of it. Credit cards are not security folks! Just how much did we pay off? My husband has not given me the ok to blog about it but let's just say it was enough to make any sane person curl up in a ball and hide.

Now we will try to call Dave on Friday and let him know how much his plan has helped our family. It was NOT easy to stay the course but we did it. The plan works when you are BOTH on board and it takes sacrifice from both of you. You have to work it together to see the success. If you are thinking about taking a Financial Peace University class, take it! If you are reading Dave Ramsey's books follow the plan! Do not delay, you don't want to hold up your progress. Go ahead and "GET WEIRD!" live "Debt Free!"  Good Luck.

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