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A Little Help From My Friends


A Little Help From My Friends

By now many of you have seen my work out experience today at Any Time Fitness with some of A&E's Heavy cast members Jodi, RickyWayne and Tom. You can find a little photo album here on Facebook that shares a little of the circuit. It was truly an amazing experience. Many people have lots of questions that I simply do not have the answers too. It was not my intent to conduct interviews today. My intent was to go work out with Jodi and see what types of exercises she is doing and lend encouragement and support. The fact that RickyWayne and Tom came to meet her too was an added bonus. Tom and I are friends on Facebook so it was really cool to meet him in person. After today RickyWayne and I are Facebook buddies too.

How do I know Jodi? I know her through Emily on the far left. It's sort of like the 6 degrees of Jodi. We had been talking about working out with her on Facebook and we finally were able to get all the kids taken care of and make it happen. We did two different circuits and I have to tell you these guys work so hard at what they do. They are there to get the job done and they do it!

Jodi is so strong! I don't know if she knows how truly strong she is in her mind now. She is focused and full of jokes and positive self talk. She keeps everyone going and if you ever get the chance to meet her you would be blown away. Tom is sort of the gentle giant. He's a bit quiet but don't let that fool you. When he smiles it really does light up a room. He's working on some serious guns too! RickyWayne is very impressive. As he's next to me doing box squats I can hear him talking to himself and repeating "I can do it." It was inspiring to me listening to him get through the exercises.

They laugh a lot! They joke around and have tons of inside jokes which keeps their bond strong. Keeping fit is a lifestyle change. At some point it no longer becomes about the pounds lost and more about making a difference in how you feel. I would LOVE for them to come and work out with me for a day and meet some of the trainers that I work out with. They need support! I know how it is because at the Y it's like family there. Many of my friends and family do not work out. It's hard to be alone trying to change your life. When I go workout with my "fit" friends that I have made we are there for each other, we support and encourage each other. Everyone needs a cheerleader! There is nothing wrong with expanding your circle to include like minded people.

This Saturday the Heavy crew is running a boot camp of their own. They have given me the ok to invite my friends to come on out and work out with them. That's just what I'm going to do. I'm going to get my group of like minded people and we are going to encourage and support them. What an awesome journey!

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