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Power Rangers: Samurai


Power Rangers: Samurai

The Power Rangers are back on Nickelodeon! They have a new cast, new look and new station. You can preview this clip for yourself. My kids are long time fans of The Power Rangers and they are loving the new suits and Samurai gadgets. The series premiere aired Monday, Feb. 7th at 8pm EST but will be moving to it's regular spot on Sundays at noon. Get ready for some serious martial arts action and new special effects! Your kids will be mimicking these new heroes and having duals against villains in no time.

Parents can be confident that the Power Rangers want to "emPower" kids. They want to share their values:
Standing for What's Right
Teamwork and Cooperation
Health and Physical Fitness
Caring and Friendship
You can learn more about the "emPower" program here! You will be provided with fitness tips, links to nominate your Ranger of the week on the new empowerfacebookpage or follow on Twitter.

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