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ellasport - The #Runchat Win


ellasport - The #Runchat Win

Ever have one of those days when your in the right place at the right time? The day before Valentine's Day I happen to be on Twitter following #runchat hosted by Scott Miles @irunnerblog. The sponsor that evening was none other than ellasport!
Guess who won a free pair of Power Capris?
I'm in love with them! They fit like a glove I tell you. When they came in I happen to be on my way to boot camp class. They went for a test drive right away. Quick drying and breathable is right! 4 way stretch, check! Soft and smooth moisture wicking fabric, absolutely! There is this little zipper compartment in the back to keep your stuff!  I can't wait to wear these to run in during my next 5K. Whoop! If you would like to try a pair out for yourself head over to their online store and grab you a pair. They have an awesome collection of tops, bottoms and skirts.

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