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Fitcation! Here I Come


Fitcation! Here I Come

Tonight I pack! I'm off to Fitcation hosted by Mamavation. What's a "Fitcation?" It's a meet up in Austin, Texas. Whoo Hoo! Finally we get to put the Twitter handles and blogs with real live faces. We are going to get our sweat on, break bread together and have some fun in between.

I get to eat a meal without anyone stealing food off of my plate, no potty interruptions or tantrums! I'm driving up so I will get to enjoy a peaceful ride. There will be no arguing, fighting, or screams of pain. Sanity is coming for me. I don't care if I have to sweat for it. I'm ready to find that role I have outside of wife and mother. I think there is a really fun lady trapped in this body just dying to get out!

Enough blogging! It's time to pack. I've got a big day tomorrow. Wish me luck! I promise to tell you all about it while I'm there. We have a lot of cool sponsors for this trip. I also get to see my Spartan Race partner Colleen. Aroo!

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