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Dave Ramsey - Live Event


Dave Ramsey - Live Event

Houston Texans were happy to fill the Reliant Arena today to see Dave Ramsey Live. The Woodlands church had 300 members come out to see the show. That was amazing! It's no secret that I am a fan. It's no secret that our family is WEIRD and debt free except for the house. No credit card payments, no loans of ANY kind and best of all no car payments! When we finally got to that place it was "weird." There was this feeling of, shouldn't our money be going to all these different lenders? It took a few months to adjust, honestly.

The burden is gone. Our service to others is to share Financial Peace University because of the impact it has made on our lives. Some times people will get excited about the steps but because it takes a while to work the plan they give up. It reminds me a lot of fad diets and exercise. People get on a health kick but if they don't see the results quick enough they quit. Maybe it's just a mental process. You have to be willing to do the work for as long as it takes. The speed is up to you!

Although the show is a hefty 5 hours long it is well worth it to see Dave live! He is a great motivator. As a coordinator of the FPU class my husband and I have heard most of this before several times. It's the energy of the people who haven't heard it yet that gets us excited again. After all we aren't to the 7th step yet. We are still working the steps as of September 2009. It's been 2 years and we are still staying in the game until we finish ALL the steps.

Because it is a long show you have to provide some refreshments for the audience. One bottled water was $4.25! People were refilling their bottles at the water fountain. You have thousands of people trying to manage their money yet the arena charges ridiculous amounts for food and drink. That was a HUGE topic of conversation among the audience.

Even though it was packed we still had 4 tickets we could have given away. We were unable to find the last of the four takers but we did find 6! It is my hope that those 6 people will change their families forever. It's a process but it can and has been done. Regardless of what people may think of Dave Ramsey and those that follow his plan it WORKS! Simple as that.

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