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Galveston Toughest 10K


Galveston Toughest 10K

What a trip it has been! This is my 3rd 10K to run this year and this time it was on a bridge. How crazy is that? A friend of mine's daughter asked me, "Why are you running on the bridge?" My friend answered, "She does it for fun!" ROFL!!! I guess that is the right answer. It is fun to keep challenging myself. Today was a PR for me 1:05:34. I was incredibly proud of myself because I did run the entire race. Normally during my 5Ks you will read about me walking because my start off mile is too fast and my ability to maintain that pace for the rest of the race hasn't worked out yet.

This time, I didn't get caught up in the speed of the crowd, just a nice steady pace for me. Special thanks to for turning me onto Rock My Run. I downloaded several playlists to help me get through this run. My training on the Kemah bridge was worth it. Galveston doesn't have as steep of a bridge so it wasn't as hard as Kemah thank goodness but I was prepared.

My pastor always tells us to invite Jesus along with what ever we are doing that day. This is something I take to heart and I do it often especially when I'm working out! After I finished the 5th mile of this race I started praying. I was really getting tired and different parts of my legs and feet were starting to hurt. Here I am off in my own world just focusing on lifting my legs, landing mid foot and trying to concentrate on the music and relaxing. "Jesus, come with me for this last mile. I'm inviting you to finish this run with me!" Out of the corner of my left eye I saw these feet matching my pace. It was the most incredible experience. Call it what you want but the timing was undeniable! This man and I ran together, side by side, running the perfect pace for at least half of the last mile. At the last water station we got separated for a brief period. He was ahead of me for a while but then we matched pace again and all of a sudden he was able to speed up and I was on my own again. 

When I got to the finish line and saw the clock running it was under my 6 mile run that I practiced on the Kemah bridge. I took off as fast as I could so I could beat that time and I did! That was the most amazing feeling. After the race I found "my Jesus" and I told him my story and he thanked me. He said I helped him keep pace. Either way, we helped each other and it's a race I will never forget. 

The photos were just released and there he is on my left in the dark shades. How crazy is that? On to the next race.
 Steve, Me, Nu, Liz & Keith

These are just some of the awesome people that keep me going! They are always so supportive and up for new adventures. They are amazingly fast and very inspiring. I feel blessed to have them in my life.

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