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What is in Nail Polish?


What is in Nail Polish?

What is in nail polish is exactly what I thought when I heard my son say, "Mommy.....Silly is painting herself all over her hands!" What is he talking about? She is suppose to be taking a nap. Oh foolish parent that I am trusting a three year old to be sleeping soundly in her room. I painted her piggy toes and nails before church this morning and I'm pretty sure I put that nail polish away. She can climb you know. At some point after we put her down for a nap she snuck downstairs and found the polish and took it back to her room without anyone hearing or seeing her.
Much to my horror this is what I found....Really little man, really? I mean look at her. You can't smell that? I asked him. No! Even though her big brother is right next door to her apparently he his oblivious to paint fumes.
pink nail polish
She painted her little toy family van too. There was nail polish all over her floor. What is in nail polish was a concern because she has a tendency to put her fingers in her mouth. I tried soap and water at first. It didn't work at all so it was time to ask Dr. Google! That's right, when in doubt and you need an answer quickly just search for it. We have a very small supply of nail polish remover, not enough to deal with this mess. The suggestion was hair spray which we have a pretty descent supply but would it work?
The remaining nail polish remover that we had was tried first but we had a long way to go to get it removed. Hairspray it is and so we began the scrubbing process.
It seems to be rolling off but not without effort. It was better than the nail polish remover though but it was sticky!
One hand down and one to go!

Hairspray! Who knew? Apparently some awesome person that shared it on Google. Thank you.
Both hands are free and clear from paint. But what about her face?
Oh sure she's all smiles but the scrubbing hasn't begun yet. I'm crossing my fingers.
I couldn't spray it all over her face so I opted for a wash towel and then tried to wipe her face in the opposite direction of how she applied the paint.
It was really sticky and unpleasant but it was working. Poor thing. Hopefully she will not paint herself any more.
Finally, there is that precious little face! Now what do I do for the hair? I think I'm just going to let her be cool and  have pink highlights while we wait for it to wash out. I'm not sure what is in nail polish but I think for her I might just stick with Piggy Pain for little people. At least I know it's non-toxic so if she does decide to give herself a paint job she won't get sick! In case it crossed your mind as to why in the world would you grab a camera? It keeps me from losing it! She's just a child and capturing it helps me find the humor in the situation. Besides I can't be the only victim of the Nail Polish Debacle!


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