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Cyber Shower Party Post


Cyber Shower Party Post

Emily says that I have to share since I am the hostess. I will share here on our product review blog. This is our latest family photo just after our Super Star joined us. What a year it has been. Now on to the shower and all the cool prizes! Since I am in charge of judging I'm not entering for prizes just sharing. But, you can enter to win! So feel free.
A few questions to comment on:
Pick three gifts that you wish you would have received at your baby shower.

My picks are the Diaper cakewalk because it looks so sweetly put together. You can disassemble it and use all the products after the shower is over. I would also have liked those bunny slippers! Those would have been so great to have at the hospital while having to walk around. Last but not least the Baby Signing Time! dvd set. We taught our son to sign a few words when he was younger but it would have been nice to know more so that would could extend our vocabulary.

Best/Worst baby shower gift.
The worst gift was a package of condoms. That was really just poor taste in my opinion and I didn't really take kindly to the joke. The best gift was a Johnny Jumper. My baby had a blast in it.

You can share your comments here because I would love to here your stories but they will not win you a prize. You can use Mr. Linky but you still have to post at 5 Minutes for Mom to enter to win because the linky box is from their site.

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