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9/18/07 - Perfect for Tropical Loving Moms!

What a lucky lady! Today instead of finding the usual load of junk mail and bills in my mailbox there was also a box inside. I will tell you more about this tomorrow. What I didn't expect to find in the box was a sheer purple bag with these two products inside. Immediately the cap was off the shower gel and we all began smelling and passing it around. The little tin can was next and inside was this tropical smell. After I applied some to my hands that smell took over my senses! It took my mind back nearly ten years ago when I was on my honeymoon. I'm gonna stop there - LOL. When my hubby came home I jumped in the shower to try out the shower gel. It too reminded me of that same honeymoon when we relaxed outside in the hammocks on the island of Aruba. Good times! If you have been to some of those tropical islands then these products will remind you of where you have been. It's not realistic for us to go away as a couple alone to spend time together with young children but thank you for reminding me that I was there. It was almost a calgon take me away moment, but let's face it I didn't want to clean out the bath toys just to take a 5 minute bath. Most moms with little ones take those speedy showers and this was a nice addition to mine. As always click on the photos to take you directly to their home links.

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