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A Name I Can Trust?


A Name I Can Trust?

First Response a name I can trust? Apparently so! This is my tried and true pregnancy test that I would recommend. Why? It's never let me down. The directions are simple to follow, the test is easy to use and of course let us not forget those quick results in 3 minutes. When I was paranoid and just fashionably late it would give me a negative sign and I could sit back and relax and nature would take its course. When I saw those 2 pink lines and then went to the doctor to follow up, indeed I was positively pregnant. Recently things have been crazy in my life and to ease my mind I purchased and used this test. Step 1 - 2 pink lines. Step 2 - make appointment with the doctor. Looks like I'm on the road to bringing another Happy Panda into the world. Stay tuned because this blog is about to turn into my journey of my fourth child. Ready, Steady, Go!

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