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Regal raspberry cheesecake


Regal raspberry cheesecake

This is the first recipe that we tried from the new Shrek cookbook that I won from Mamanista. I have to tell you that this was a hoot. My son carried the cookbook around the grocery store collecting the items needed. The one thing they didn't have was fresh raspberries. No worries! Dad picked some up from another store on his way home from work. The one thing I didn't have was a fluted tart pan. Who knew that I would ever need one! I just substituted a round cake pan. Here is a collage of my favorite 7 year-old and of course our Super Star up to his shenanigans during the process. One important thing you should know, the finished product has to sit for 2-3 hours. Because we didn't finish until about 8pm he had to wait overnight to eat it. He was up at 6am to try it out. Yes, I let him have a piece. He waited all night for goodness sake.

The taste test, he didn't like it. He said the raspberries were "...too spicy! It would be great without the raspberries." So there you have it our first recipe completed. We had a LOT of fun doing this together and it's great for reading, measuring, math and patience.


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