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What is PMKU? It's an abbreviation for my corporation. It does appear to have a double meaning doesn't it? As if I have my very own university. My subtitle is "Learning never ends" and this is so true and I plan to share this with you here on my blog. I was thinking about this at 5 OMG it's still dark outside in the morning. I'm a huge supporter of education and have earned a couple of degrees. I went to school: part-time, full-time, while working, not working, with kids in the house, married, not married, with scholarships, with get the idea. My point is I can relate. Now that you have that background I plan to begin sharing with you some of these little tips.

So here is tip #1.
Crest blue gel toothpaste can make your toddler throw up should he/she get a hold of a tube and begin sucking on it because it tastes good. The vomit will be blue don't panic. Grab a glass of milk and have them drink it. According to my dh who quickly looked up the remedy for this particular situation this is what you do.
There you have it my first example of how "Learning never ends."


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