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Bounce and Spin Zebra


Bounce and Spin Zebra

The Bounce and Spin Zebra by Fisher Price is a great toy but is it a safe toy? I didn't think so at first. Our Super Star got this as a gift for his first birthday. It took him about another month or two before he got the hang of it. When he would hold the seat it would spin around. As with all toys parental supervision is required but with this one you really need to sit down right beside them until they are tall enough to get on and off the zebra without any problems. For a while he just stood there and played with the spinning frog and bear. Now at almost 15 months he has mastered this toy. He loves to get on it and bounce. Lucky for me there are three volume settings: high, low and off! You need three AAA batteries. Assembling the the toy was pretty basic and it's easy to keep clean. Should you buy it for a one year old? I would say no, wait till about 15-16 months so that they can get some real use out of the toy. This would have made a better Christmas gift than birthday gift.


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