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Thanks Joel


Thanks Joel

During my night of waiting I was on the couch flipping through the channels and caught Joel Osteen discussing the skinny goat vs. fatted calf mentality. Considering my situation what he was saying made a lot of sense to me. So there I had it a glimmer of hope that maybe just maybe what I thought was happening wasn't happening. But then the morning came and all that changed. I made it to the office and had the ultra sound. They saw nothing and could explain nothing. I had blood drawn and will have it done again on Wednesday. My Doctor did something crazy. He said, "I've seen this before and some women are fine, but most likely this isn't good. You didn't do anything wrong." There it was again that glimmer of hope. Almost seems mean, don't you think? If by some miracle whether that is through God or positive thinking or everyone's prayers....that I haven't lost this baby, that would be fantastic and there it is my little glimmer of hope.


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