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Steady Flow


Steady Flow

As the day has passed nothing has changed and that glimmer of hope is fading. It's not because of any loss of faith or positive thinking it's based on the reality of what is happening within my body. Clearly I can see things that all the prayers in the world aren't going to change. On that note here is a list of what not to say to a woman who has had a miscarriage. My friend and I came up with this list about 5 years ago after she miscarried and it still stands true to this day.
1. Don't worry you'll have another one.
2. It's Gods will/plan. - Don't say this! It makes it sound like your being punished.
3. There must have been something wrong with it and that's why your body rejected it. - Logical yes, but don't say it.
4. Your young there is still plenty of time.
5. It wasn't really a baby yet any way.
6. It's Gods will/plan. - Is that listed twice, yes it is, that's because you shouldn't say that.


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