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Johnny Jumperoo


Johnny Jumperoo

This was one of my all time favorite baby shower gifts, the Johnny Jumperoo by Fisher Price. Our baby boy loved this toy. I've done lots of product reviews but some times I like to throw in photos so you know that we really do use these products. The video footage is from a cell phone so excuse the quality but it's still pretty cute. We had a jumper about 7 years ago, the kind that you hang off of the door trim. This new and improved design seems a lot safer to me. There are levels of height adjustment so this toy will last a while. The design is great because it will collapse and you can take it with you when you travel. Also you can move it room to room without any problem. The toy also has a volume setting and a touch setting so that the music plays only when the baby touches certain spots. I like it better than the saucers because they get lots of exercise.

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