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Day 1 of Thanks


Day 1 of Thanks

I'm really tired and my eyes are burning. I've been trying to help my buddy figure out her template for her blog for about 3 hours now. I'm thankful to have a blog so that I have some sort of understanding of the html code so that I can help others! Woah, that was a good one. I'm in need of a quick reference html guide. Now I want to wear a pocket shirt so I can have a little html book to put in it. LOL - ok I'm seriously tired but that image is funny. There is so much to be thankful for today. I'm thankful for my capital one card and my credit line which helped me to buy inventory today. I'm thankful to Matthew who sent out my newsletter and believe me this was nearly an all day ordeal, long story. I'm thankful to "The Manny" who comes to take care of my boys while I work as quickly as I can in the few hours of the day that I have. I'm thankful for my buddy who helps me get the work done. I'm thankful for post it notes. Which reminds me I forgot to do the payroll taxes. I gotta go now! I'm thankful to have my computer and internet access so that I can submit my payroll taxes right now.

But wait! I'm really thankful to my Maya Mommies. Especially thankful to Mama Luxe for the introduction - she ROCKS! They are the most positive group of women that I have encountered in a long time. They are the best and I didn't get to visit with them today but I know they will be there tomorrow! Sending them all some Southern Love.

Till tomorrow on 30 Day of Thanks.


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