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See N Say


See N Say

Another cool toy that is on the must have list is the good old tried and true See N Say by Fisher Price. This one is titled The Farmer Says and it plays the songs The Farmer in the Dell and Old MacDonald. Ours came with the 3 AAA batteries but then again if you have kids most likely you already have a stash of batteries if not rechargeable ones. Todays See N Say has a plastic knob that you pull down. If I remember correctly it use to be a finger string that you pulled. Boy was that a long time ago. Also it was much wider but todays See N Say is more condensed. As you can see the circle is smaller but this time there is a plastic piece that you can flip back and forth like a page. This gives your little one that many more features. The Farmer Says toy is now added to the list of toys my little guys are fighting over these days.


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