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PMKU - Tip #2


PMKU - Tip #2

Last night I was working on a code as you might have read in my Day 1 of Thanks. My 7 year old wanted me to play hide-n-seek with him before he went to bed. I told him not right now because I was on the phone trying to figure out this code. I tend to get really involved with html because it's like a puzzle to me. He eventually went to bed on his own.

While I was lying in bed this morning I was thinking about the Day 2 of thanks post and how I was going to write how I was happy to have another day to play hide-n-seek with him. I have this grand plan to offer to play 10 times to make up for my idiocy. Surely he would take that deal and forgive me right?

So here is Tip #2 - When your kid asks to play with you, do it! (If you can) In retrospect I could have gotten off the phone, played a game of hide-n-seek and gone back to the code after he was asleep. Lame! There will come a time when he won't want to play with his mommy any more. He will be told old and be involved with his friends or some girl (ewwww!) Let this be a clear sign to all to stop what you are doing if you can and except the invitation.

There you have it folks tip #2 of how "Learning never ends."


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