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Thursday Thirteen #30 - Random Thoughts


Thursday Thirteen #30 - Random Thoughts

1.) Do As I Say, Not As I Do! That one never made sense to me at all.

2.) Show me a man that is the same after marriage as he was before marriage and we will make a statue of him.

3.) If your daughter's boyfriend shares with you that his mother thinks your parenting skills suck because you let her go to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, try to let that go when you have to endure her presence.

4.) If we are suppose to help the earth then why do we have to get so much junk mail?

5.) If a guy buys you a "promise not to cheat ring" should that be a red flag?

6.) Never ever say anything poorly about your friends significant other! Chances are they will back together in 2 days.

7.) If you want to freak people out, try saying hello and making eye contact with everyone that crosses your path for an entire day.

8.) A Sociological experiment is to stand in an elevator facing the back wall. Watch how that freaks the people out on the elevator, that's always a good one.

9.) Why do people call my cell when they know I'm at home and have a land line?

10.) I will be so glad when the back pain is gone and the baby is finally here!

11.) My two older brothers have been two peas in a pod always and they are always doing things together but they never invite my family to do anything. I wonder why that is?

12.) How does my grandma manage to make you feel like the most special person on the planet?

13.) I hope my buddy is blessed with a baby some day.


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