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Who Would Care For Your Children?


Who Would Care For Your Children?

I'm not morbid but I do tend to think about future events so that we can plan accordingly. We have our wills but we need to have them updated! If not our eldest would inherit our world and after what we have seen this past year there is no way that would be a benefit. Also we need to change the name of our executor, it's just easier to have a lawyer handle that part. There is one question that always plagued us both, who would care for our children if something happened to both of us? We thought we knew the answers back then but things change and so have we. We thought long and hard and went through all our friends and family. It's very hard to find people that have the same values and ideas that you do. When it comes to raising your kids it's just a completely different ballgame. We took into consideration: age, financial income, space in the home, whether or not they already have children, whether they are married, religious beliefs, education, discipline, whether they would have time for our kids, it was a long list of things to consider. We finally came up with a couple who we felt could handle our three little ones if the situation came up. As a matter of fact when my friend called and I told her about what we were thinking she offered! I said, "Good! Because you and your husband were our pick" Isn't that handy? Who would care for your children?


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