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Down By The Bay - Day 228


Down By The Bay - Day 228

We traded the beach idea for today instead of Monday. We packed up everything yesterday and all we had to do was get up and get dressed and get in the van! The boys got up at OMG 5:30am! I resisted for at least 30 minutes but decided I better get going. We made it to Stewart Beach at 7:45am. There was no traffic on the way and there were about 10 families on the beach already. The water is so brown and I'm a freak about the sun! I have enough sun damage on my face to last me a lifetime. I can not stand the sand because it gets all in your spots and it's just ewwwwww! The last thing I want to do is find a bathing suit that would cover the baby and I but my big guy wanted to go so suck it up mom! We had such a blast!!! Our little Super Star is a daredevil. He was out there in the waves and he would crawl on the beach and would laugh and laugh. We would go in the water and then back up to our spot and play in the sand and back out to the water we would go again. Before we knew it they were loading up the beach with beach chairs and umbrellas. I mean there were rows and rows! People were bringing BBQ pits and tables and we had the thumping bass in the background of Tejano music. It was about 11am when we left the beach and there was no traffic going home. We had a full day at the beach before most people roll out of bed. On the other side of the freeway, those heading toward the beach or the mall, was a sea of cars backed up for miles! We were feeling pretty darn smart! It was a good time and we are going to do it again soon. I can deal with the yuk, sun and sand to hear my boys laugh like that. It's well worth it. :)


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