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The X Factor - Day 250


The X Factor - Day 250

Today a conversation that I had with my X factor yesterday has still got me thinking today. He sort of takes the stance basically - that if our daughter and her bf want to behave as though they are getting married that they should be treated as such. There was this particular quote that has been swirling in my head since I heard it. "My expectation is that he is now responsible for taking care of our daughter." He went on to talk about how her bf better not ever hit her etc.... - that part is just entertainment. We aren't going there because that is just too funny to even ponder.

Back to the idea of the bf now being responsible for taking care of our daughter. This is a pretty interesting position to take I think. Does that mean he should begin being responsible for her financially? Should he begin paying for her bills, gas, college books and tuition? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL - OK - That was just too entertaining. It would certainly be a little shock of reality.

After completely messing up a thousand times over, it is very easy for me to take the stance of - figure out how to stand on your own two feet first before you go planning your wedding with anyone.


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