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Rooms To Go - Day 222


Rooms To Go - Day 222

Whoo Hoo! We actually made it to Rooms To Go and we bought ourselves the coolest sectional couch set! We are getting one of those big square ottomans to match. It's going to arrive the day before my birthday. Oh Happy Birthday to me! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. The boys jumped all over this couch. I almost felt sorry for the sales lady. They have some really cool kids furniture sets too. Once we figure out how we are going to change all the rooms we can deal with more furniture. We've waited more than a year to make any furniture purchases and we decided that we just needed to bite the bullet. There isn't any furniture in our living room. It became a huge play area with toys. The adults are taking it back. LOL - Now we have a place where we can all sit and hang out together.

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