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The Holiday - Movie Review


The Holiday - Movie Review

Oh how I want my 138 minutes back! Sorry but this chic flick was just cheesy. I am a fan of each of these actors but couple them together as love interests, ewww! There wasn't any chemistry at all. This movie was so slow. Cameron Diaz should have had less scenes by herself. I mean that in the nicest way! I was really hoping that Jude Law or Jack Black would swoop in and save this film but it was not to be. The most interesting character was Arthur Abbott. The coolest parts in the film were all the gadgets in Cameron Diaz's house. This movie came out 2 years ago but I put it in my netflix queue. Thank goodness because I would have been very disappointed to see this in the theater. This movie reminded me of the book Tara Road. The book was better and Jack Black was better in Kung Fu Panda.


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