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Aloha Friday #1


Aloha Friday #1

It's my first Aloha Friday meme. Kailani at An Island Life has created this really fun idea. If you are interested in joining in please visit her site for more details.
Today's question is:

Do you have more friends online than offline?

This is an easy answer for me. I have more friends online than offline. I'm not sure if that is sad or not. lol - My local friends are either working, busy with their own kids or just not available to hang out at the same time that I am. My interactions with other moms are pretty much limited to sports practices. This is why I miss going to school so much. At least while I was working on my Masters there was adult conversation. I was able to interact with other adults and keep up with current events. I'm really excited about joining Twitter because we get to chat a lot in between changing diapers and feedings, answering emails and everything else.

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