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Posh Mama Shout - Day 138


Posh Mama Shout - Day 138

The PM’s who won The Posh Mama Summer 2008 Awards (<--------look in the left sidebar - see my Gold Medal?) are presented to Posh Mamas who have been nominated by fellow Posh Mama Members who they feel have had a positive impact on our community and viewed as having the following qualities:

1. Have a Positive Impact on the Posh Mama Community.
2. Is an active participate in the community and discussions.
3. Greets new Posh Mamas and helps them get comfortable.
4. Helps other Posh Mama(s) promote their businesses or other interests.
5. Have received praise from other Posh Mamas for their kindness, support and helpfulness.
6. Referred their Posh Mama friends to join us.
7. Has volunteered their time for special events such as the me.dium shopping tours.
8. Brings new and interesting topics to the discussion forums.
9. Is an ambassador of the TOS and Privacy Policy set forth by Posh Mama Media, LLC.
10. Is committed to living a healthy and happy life and helping others in need.

Whenever you see this Award on a blog, (<--------look in the left sidebar - It's the GOLD MEDAL) boutique or other site, please subscribe to their RSS Feed, leave comments, purchase their wonderful products and bookmark it as a trusted shopping source or friendly blog. It’s important for everyone to support the wonderful and talented women in our community.

Song of The Day - Shout by Otis Day and The Knights. You have to click play for this one. The player is over on the top right hand of the sidebar.


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