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Thursday Thirteen #43 - Blog Changes


Thursday Thirteen #43 - Blog Changes

I have been off in the land of tech world this past week. I have been making some serious changes to my blog. In honor of all my hard work I have decided to dedicate this weeks Thursday Thirteen to let you know about all the changes I've made around here. Ready? Sweet! Let's go.

1.) I created this little award here. I had posted an Animal House video for Flash Back Friday and I got on a John Belushi kick. Since my blog has a college theme to it I thought it was funny. Some people may not get my wacky sense of humor so I might not use it.
2.) The tabs at the top! I had to get help figuring out how to get them centered on my page. I'm still not sure what the code is but I plan to find out.
3.) The blog rolls are all in one place. I even created a new one about 5 minutes ago. It's for those of us who host giveaways and need other sites to help spread the word. I thought it was a good idea.
4.) I've added mommybar to Firefox and it rawks my socks! I wrote a post about it here.
5.) I'm a member of a lot of different social groups and I really try to stay active in each. Yes, it's hard to keep up with but I do my best. That falls under the Follow Me tab at the top.
6.) I'm offering advertising space on my blog now! The top two on the left are my very first ads.
7.) Oh my new RSS feed and mail buttons on the top right corner. There are many to choose from now. Visit here!
8.) My side bar was filled with all the information in the tabs at the top and this form button for email. See here.
9.) I also updated my blog button. It's in the right side bar. What do you think?
10.) I created that voting button up there on the right side for my company! I would love your vote!
11.) I made that Happy 1st Blogoversary button on the left side bar. My blog will be one tomorrow and I'm hosting a giveaway!
12.) I changed all the badges to be consistent with showing everyone's avatars. I like to see who is coming by and who is a part of what social ring. Do you see anyone you know?
13.) Oh man! I just remembered I'm missing my Meme tab! I had all the Memes that I belong too including this one. Need to fix that. I hope you like my upgrade! Happy TT.

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