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mommybar - Better Late Than Never


mommybar - Better Late Than Never

Mommy Bar I did it! I finally took the leap. After reviewing mommy ranks I was trying to figure out how my fellow members were able to submit so many entries and then I figured it out. They must have mommybar! I've seen this all over the blogosphere much like Twitter but never took the time to really check it out. Now, thanks to all my updates in my social networks and Twittering each day I think mommybar is going to make my day so much easier. Why? Simple! They have 4 different versions of their toolbar that you can change with the click of a plus sign! You can get your standard mommybar which features Twitter, Blogs, mommyRanks, ZupHo, Facebook, Shopping, Web, Mom Giveaways, Coupons and email notifications. This is the best part for those of use that use multiple email addresses. I have several and I don't have to open Google Talk in one account and gmail notifier in another to see if I'm getting new emails. This feature keeps track of all of my email accounts. The kids bar is another option which you can turn on just for the kids to use and surf the net safely. The green bar features all the sites and gadgets that pertain to maintaining your eco friendly lifestyle. If you are a member of the mommybloggersclub (which I am) there is an option with features pertaining to club membership. It's awesome! What took me so long? Don't waste your valuable time any further go get yourself a mommybar!


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