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H.E.B. - Back In Love Again


H.E.B. - Back In Love Again

This was my first outing with Baby P and Tornado Toddler in tow. After my lengthy wait in the bank line I wanted to hit the nearest grocery store which happens to be H.E.B. I put the car seat in the basket and put the little guy in the front part of the shopping cart. OK - I'm ready! This song is playing on the speaker (Now Song of The Day) Back in Love Again by LTD. I'm actually rocking out in the aisles. I'm dancing a little. Is anyone looking? I don't care this song is making me boogie! Insert good mood here and I begin shopping. #1 - Dear H.E.B. - I don't want to keep up with several coupons! I don't want to figure out what goes with what in order to get my $1.00 discount. Why not just put it in your freakin computer system? We are in the land of technology with a bar coding system. #2 - I pick out my stuff from my trusty list written my older son! Snacks? What type? That's all it says. Great- I'm just picking something. Wait - Where do I put my groceries? OMG - Are you serious? I'm so spoiled by spreading my kids out. I've never run into this problem before. Note to self - Must ask other moms how they handle this! I'm trying to fit my items any where there is open room. Much of it goes at the very bottom of the cart. OK - ready to leave now! Sacker looks at me puzzled.

Me: I know, I'm wondering the same thing. Just put them at the bottom or where ever you can.
Sacker: Would you like another cart? I can put your groceries in another cart.
Me: No, I think I can get it. (Inside head - How in the $#@% do you expect me to push 2 carts?)
Sacker: Would you like some help out?
Me: No, I think I can get it. - Wait! Yes, you can help me out. Just walk with me to make sure nothing falls out.

Sure enough bags slide out from the bottom as we walk down the little ramp outside to the car. Sacker boy picks up my groceries. I open the van and he fills it and I take care of the kids. Sweeeeet! Note to self - Accept HELP! It's ok, accept the help that's why they ask, for moms like you! Thanks Sacker boy for your awesome customer service.


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