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Potty Training 101


Potty Training 101

It's that time again, time to potty train another one of my children. I was pretty successful with our soccer star and armed with a potty training doll and skittles. This time it's not so easy. My full attention isn't with our little guy because we have a newborn in the house. But I'm armed! Here are my supplies so far. First I have this Winnie The Pooh potty chair that I just bought from Wally World aka Wal-Mart. Now that I am doing this post I have found that Wal-Mart has betrayed me by making this available to purchase when it was recalled in December 2007. Perfect! I also have these super cool toddler underwear featuring Elmo and Transformers. Last but not least a bag of M&M's.

He seems ready. He takes off his diaper on his own when it is dirty. He watches everyone got to the bathroom and he understands the concept of wiping. I need to read up on tips and tricks and read posts from other moms. I know Jen from Cheaper Than Therapy is writing about her experience. I need to go read up on her blog and find out what she is doing. Wish us luck on our journey to a diaper free child!

Day 1 - He had about 5 accidents in his new underwear. They always occurred right after he got off the potty chair. He's on his potty (which is a hazard now!) sitting reading his potty training book. We have a magazine that has Halloween costumes and he hangs out and looks at that one too. But nothing has happened!

Day 2 - He's had 3 accidents so far. He peed while on the couch, yes! We have M&M's today. He gets one just for sitting on the potty chair. He can have more if something happens. His big brother is helping by going to the potty with him. So far still nothing in the TOXIC potty chair. He did put his stuffed bunny on the chair. I have a plan! I'll post about it tomorrow. Note to self - get non toxic potty chair.

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