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Over & Over Again - Day 137


Over & Over Again - Day 137

I'm off in Tech land today. I'm doing all sorts of upgrades and trying to figure out coding. I really like Share This but it has overridden Sez Who rankings within my posts. I have no idea why but it matters not because no one visiting my blog was using that star system any way. Currently I'm being driven mad by my quest to add tabs. I've tried a couple of different ways using GRSites which hasn't worked yet and Hoctro. The Hoctro instructions were ok until I got to B4 and then I got lost! I removed it all and did it twice and still no luck. This brings me to my song of the day by Tim McGraw and Nelly, Over and Over Again. The title is fitting considering my quest for tabs is driving me crazy! At least there was a party to go to for my uncle and everyone finally got to see our new baby. I'm thankful for the break!

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