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WAMU - Bank Rage?


WAMU - Bank Rage?

Is there such a thing as "Bank Rage?" I pull up to the drive thru lane just to make a deposit. There is only one lane open and I'm about the 7th car in line. I'm sitting there in my van just waiting patiently, or trying to. I'm fearing the baby is going to wake up and start screaming. I can hear my Tornado Toddler in the back seat whining about his seat belt. Oh dear! I can't get out of line because I'm blocked in by a car in front and back. I tell my little guy "hang on it's almost our turn!" The line is moving slowly. I can feel myself getting really hot and annoyed. I have to make this deposit. I think to myself, I'm going to fill out my deposit slip so I'm not holding up the line. I'm looking through my check book, NO! I'm out of checks and out of deposit slips. I don't have my account number memorized. Luckily I have a bank deposit slip in my side door pouch. No problem, I will just fill out the information I do have and get the number when it's my turn. Finally, the wait is over, baby still sleeping - check, Toddler less annoyed now that it's our turn.
I push the call button -
teller: May I help you?
me: I need my account number.
teller: Which one?
me: My personal checking - (I have several accounts here.)
teller: ok - would you like me to write it down or just tell you?
me: Tell me, please.
teller: reading me my account number -
me: Shocked! She knows my van, who I am, my name and exactly what to look for. All is forgiven because I'm so dazzled by my celebrity bank status. OK - WAMU you still rawk! Bank Rage has subsided.


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