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I Love Your Blog Award - And The Nominees Are....


I Love Your Blog Award - And The Nominees Are....

Thank you, Thank you - I'm speechless truly I am. I would just like to thank Parenting Pink for acknowledging all my hard work on my blog. I would like to thank my family for allowing me the time and material to write my posts. I would also like to give special thanks to Canon for creating the Power ShotS D850 IS digital camera so that I can easily post fantastic photos! And now it's time to bestow this prestigious award to 7 fellow bloggers and the nominees are....
1.) Toni author of It Is Nap Time! This is a fun blog featuring a mixed bag of everything.
2.) Sheila author of many blogs but here is a link to her latest blog. She is so helpful with designs and coding and she has a great review site.
3.) Margie author of Gunning It and owner of Chesapeake Ribbons. She has a beautiful family. Stop in and say hello!
4.) Candace author of Mama Saga and co-owner of Mamanista. She is a fantastic writer. You will surely get stuck on her sites reading her posts. ***This just in on Twitter***Candace's Husband: 8/31 6:01 a.m. 10 lbs. 4 oz. 22.5 inches long = Marc Alexander, Jr. Congratulations on your new baby!
5.) Amy author of Milk Breath & Margaritas. She makes me laugh out loud! Her posts are so much fun to read.
6.) Steven author of Steven Humour for his down right silly ADULT humor blog. This is ADULT content PLEASE do not visit if you are easily offended by ADULT MALE humor. I take most of the posts with a grain of salt and they do make me giggle so....
7.) Christy author of Shake The Salt for her super cool blog full of reviews, contests and inspirational tips! Way to launch that blog with such a great party. There you have it.
Go forth winners and bestow this award to your own favorite 7 bloggers. Post this badge with pride bloggers and keep posting your great stuff and we will keep reading! Make sure you subscribe to our blogs if you like them. Thank you.


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