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New Product for Toddlers! - A Must Have For Moms


New Product for Toddlers! - A Must Have For Moms

Business owner Pamela Kramer has come up with yet another great concept for moms. Introducing "The Crying Chair" especially made for those toddlers that relish in being whiny and scream into a crying rage without warning. This great product can also double as a "Time Out Chair." How do you use this great product you ask? Simple! When your toddler goes into one of their hysteric fits you quickly put them in The Crying Chair and instruct them to leave when they are done. Pamela Kramer has tested this product on her own toddler and swears by this method.
"When I put my toddler in The Crying Chair and tell him to leave when he is done, he sits, calms down and is back to his sweet self in no time. What is so amazing about this chair is that it removes the need to put on a show. If no one is paying attention to the drama it quickly dies down."
You can get your very own chair for the low low price of $19.95 and it can be found in most bulk or hardware stores. The chairs are padded in the seat and back area for extra added comfort while they sit and cry. You can easily store this folding chair any where in your home. Get yours today!

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