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Next Million $ Idea?


Next Million $ Idea?

I've really been serious about getting fit now. I'm watching what I eat and drink and the sugar and sodium content. I can't get to a gym because it's too much right now with the kids. I have zero problem working out at home. I have lots of work out dvds! Today I thought I would try one after the baby went down for a nap.

It was just the toddler and I alone in front of our tv watching the exercise dvd. He watched for about 10 minutes and then he was bored! "Hug mommy!, hug, hug!" He's relentless until I pick him up and hug him. I do and put him back down and continue on. "Sit mommy sit!" "No exercise!" rofl - He's bored. ok, ok - I keep going! "Come on! Come exercise with mommy!" "Can you kick your leg?" He kicks his legs. I drop down for push ups and climbs on my back. I'm doing push ups with an extra 30 pounds. It's time for crunches. He climbs on my belly and then it occurred to me...

Exercises for mom in a cartoon version to keep the toddlers interested! Mom gets a work out, toddler stays in the room with mom and doesn't destroy the house. This should be done. Someone get to work on this and if it's already been done then point me in that direction!

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