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Thursday Thirteen #59 - Snow in Texas


Thursday Thirteen #59 - Snow in Texas

13 thoughts about this snow day!

1.) We are losing our minds over the snow. It doesn't snow in Texas.
2.) Our phone was ringing off the hook! Friends and family were calling to see if it was snowing here.
3.) When it was 11pm it looked like it was 5pm. The snow makes the evenings look weird.
4.) The kids LOVE the snow!
5.) I've never seen so many snowmen built.
6.) People don't know how to drive in the snow (here).
7.) We really do need hats and gloves!
8.) The city is covered in snow and it looks really cool.
9.) Christmas music just sounds better with snow outside.
10.) A roaring fire in the fireplace is more fun with snow outside.
11.) We are all hoping that it will snow again.
12.) The boys were eating the snow!
13.) It's already melting. :(

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