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ColorMe Company


ColorMe Company

First let me just say that my kids and I had a great time with this product. We recently purchased our boys a new bedroom set and were short a pillowcase. What a great idea to try one of ColorMe Company's pillowcases for the kids to have something memorable from the family. We received the Waiting for You Horse with the marker set and a card with a crayon set. One of my son's girl friends came over and helped out with our little project.
This isn't just an ordinary pillowcase. Our children get to color all over it and keep it as long as they want.

This is their finished product on the front. Are these kids artists or what?

We turned it over and colored on the back too! We traced their little hands and they doodled all over it. My husband and I wrote them little notes to read too. All we had to do now was throw it in the dryer on a high setting for 30 minutes and let it set over night. No problem until my toddler went to get it this morning. He placed it on our table over drops of strawberry milkshake which he had gotten into earlier this morning. It was time to give it a wash and see how it would hold up. There were not any special washing instructions on the packaging and I washed it like I normally do with cold water and tumble dry. To my very sad disappointment the coloring faded! I looked over the packaging again but the step that I failed to follow was on the marker box. I was suppose to iron it before washing it!
It's still a great product and a great idea. One of my favorite features is the slumber party packages. What a fun idea and what a great project for boy/girl scouts. They have other products to choose from like t-shirts and cards. ColorMe Company not only has great products for kids but they are very involved in giving back to the community. See their charity choice program here. Special thanks to Paul Marciano for creating such a great memorable product for children and keeping his product Made in the USA. Now go get your 20% discount using the code colormelovesmoms! *Don't forget to iron before you wash.*

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