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The Sex Talk


The Sex Talk

This evening I caught The Sex Talk on today's Oprah. Yep, I love my dvr. I should not have been surprised but I was surprised. The thought of having the sex talk or the mechanics of the body at age 10 makes sense to me. Our son is 8 and I think we covered a lot of the mechanics this past year. The next topic on the show was to discuss with your female teenager (14 or 15) about masturbation. This is another topic we have hit with our son as well. Those of you with boys know all about this because you have too! They have all sorts of issues with their body parts very early on. The audience was shocked about the idea of talking to your teenager about self pleasure. The idea being to make sure you understand your body and pleasures so that you are not relying on someone else for that. It's about self reliance rather than thinking that this other person made me feel things that I have never felt before and now I'm in love.

Really the most shocking part to me was how the bases have changed! Now, first base is kissing and making out is kissing with the tongue. Second base is feeling around the body and 3rd base is giving a boy oral sex! WT!? Where did that come from? Have I been under a rock all this time? I wanted to call my daughter STAT and have another talk about sex. I don't care if she is about to turn 20. The group of young teenage girls were giving us all an education. This group said they wanted to have these talks with their mothers at an earlier age. Wake up MOMS! Are you ready for the sex talk? Are you ready to go beyond the mechanics? If you want to know more about this show you can always visit Personally I have to agree that we need to be ready. Look at what our kids see now? MTV is know longer the simplicity of videos like Video Killed The Radio Star oh no my friend. Music videos are now comparable to soft porn on the dance floor. No, we can't be with them 24/7 but we better start becoming their main source of sex education before someone else does!

Oh and don't forget about the new fad of sexting! Oh yes the sexual content of text messaging. The taking nude photos and sending them to someones phone. Kids can't see the long term effect of their actions. Make them aware! The one time they take a photo like that can and will be plastered all over the net. It could effect their future for years to come. We have so much to educate our children about.

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