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Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day

Here are all my supplies for the Mother's Day gift cookie bouquet!

I made 2 cookie cutters. The rose for my gift and then the clone trooper helmet for my son.
I have NO idea what I'm doing in the frosting area. It's not bad for my first time.
Back to my cookie bouquet. I didn't have to hard of a time with the lollipop sticks.
Trying to ice them was another story. I'm not an artist at all.

This is where I am getting frustrated because the icing flow was not consistent. I had lumps that would get caught in the tips. I was so mad!
My hubby is here saving my Mom's gift because I was about to throw it all away. rofl...I was really mad at that icing. I told him, "It looks like a kid made it!" He said, "A kid did make it." Dur! That's me.

I got over it and kept going. I just embraced the fact that it wasn't going to be perfect. The directions were pretty simple and if I can get the art work down then maybe my next project will be better.
Here is my final product! I did it and once it was all together it looked pretty good. My mother big red puffy hearted it. :)

Now for my Mother's Day. It started out with getting ready for church. My son brought me oatmeal and water to my bedside. He's so cute. We had breakfast together and my kids and hubby gave me cards and chocolate, lot's of chocolate! We went to church and watched our son sing during both services. During the children's part of the service he totally bragged about me so I was on cloud 9 and warm and fuzzy! He made me a card and gave me a vase too. Then we went to my brother's house for BBQ and to celebrate with my mom. My daughter called me and left a message. I guess that's better than a text message. Right? How was your big day?

Special Thanks to for the cookie bouquet instructions.

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