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Flash Back Friday #42 - American Teen


Flash Back Friday #42 - American Teen

Today I'm flashing back to this movie I saw a few weeks ago. It's really stayed with me. It's not just about seeing it and remembering what my own high school experience was like it's on the flip side. Now I'm a parent and I'm seeing it through whole new lenses. My daughter has already graduated but there are three more coming. Parents you have to put American Teen in your Netflix queue. I would love to know what you think. They talk about the pressure on kids but there is also a lot of pressure on parents. How much do you push? When do you push? Do you push at all? Do you interfere? Does it make it worse? How much are we going to mess up here? It's the double edge sword of having wisdom but it's all falling on deaf ears. What are you flashing backing to today?

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