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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 3


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 3

I have a three pound loss this week. That is crazy considering the last couple of days have been poor eating days for me. I really did kick in the exercise though. I think it paid off but I'm worried because the mosquitoes have come out to play. My poor baby girl has 5 bites on her face. I didn't know about spraying bug spray on her face. That is why an indoor gaming system would come in handy! Hey Julie that's another great benefit of working out indoors. Here in Texas you want to avoid those gigantic mosquitoes and they stick around after it rains. The weather here is unpredictable because it is sunny right now but off in the distance the dark clouds are coming. *sigh*

Special thanks to Angie because the food journal is helping I'm very aware of what I am eating, when I'm eating and how much. Now I can make better decisions about what I'm doing. I'm not dieting but I am making better food choices.

If you really want to know what I ate this week you can click here.

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